We Are Margot


About me

I’m Ashley, and I’ve been passionate about computers and the web since I was a small lad (my grandad still claims I thought of Expedia before they did). After learning to code when I was 16 – wanting a better MySpace page than my friends – I went to university, where I discovered my love for UX and interaction design.

I’ve been working in UX in some way since, and started working through my business We Are Margot in 2018. We Are Margot is committed to helping make websites that work for everyone, through research and user centred design. I’ve been lucky enough to deliver for some of the best known names, and worked with amazing teams.

In my spare time I’m a nerd for modernist design, menswear, computer games and have recently been learning guitar (I have Smoke On The Water nailed). My favourite authors are Charles Bukowski, Albert Camus and Franz Kafka. I like to imagine I live inside a Wes Anderson movie.

Margot is my cat and confidant.